The Church - Gold Afternoon Fix Cover

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1.Pharaoh * (3:56) /
2.Metropolis (4:46) / /
3.Terra Nova Cain (5:12) /
4.City (3:25) /
5.Monday Morning (2:46)   (not on LP except in Australia) /
6.Russian Autumn Heart (4:08) (sung by Marty Willson-Piper) /
7.Essence (5:16) /
8.You're Still Beautiful (3:09) / /
9.Disappointment (6:12) /
10.Transient (4:26) (sung by Peter Koppes) /
11.Laughing (4:37)   (not on LP except in Australia) /
12.Fading Away (3:39) /
13.Grind (6:09) / /

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    * The word "Pharaoh" is misspelled (as "Pharoah") on all Arista releases, but corrected on the 2005 EMI reissue.


Steve Kilbey - Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
Marty Willson-Piper - Guitar, Lead Vocal on "Russian Autumn Heart"
Peter Koppes - Guitar, Lead Vocal on "Transient"
Richard Ploog - Drums
Special Guest Artist - Marilyn Donadt on the Wing

Produced by Waddy Wachtel & The Church
Engineered by Shep Lonsdale
Assistant Engineer: Joe Schiff
Mixed by Waddy Wachtel & Shep Lonsdale
Recorded and Mixed at Ocean Way Recording Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Pre-Production/U.S. - S.I.R., Los Angeles
Pre-Production/Australia - Fat Boy Studios, Sydney
Mastered by Greg Fulginiti at Artisan Sound Recorders, Los Angeles
Photography: John Halpern
Art Direction & Design: Maude Gilman
  Michael J. Lembo/Jill Christiansen
  Mike's Artist Management, New York
  The Church
  P.O. Box 418
  Prince Street Station
  New York, N.Y. 10012-418

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The cover photos (which continue on to the back cover) are actually composite, multiple-image works by photographer John Halpern (info). Each band member appears twice in their respective photo bar: once in a close-up portrait, and again somewhere in the background (Peter on the observatory balcony on the left, Steve in the distance to the right, Richard on the beach on the back cover, and Marty also on the back cover in an upstairs window), which are more visible on an LP cover.

Some promo copies of the Arista Records LP version included a Gold Afternoon Fix Press Release.

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The Church - Gold Afternoon Fix USA Promo Box Set Cover
The Church - Gold Afternoon Fix USA Promo Box Set Open
The Church - Gold Afternoon Fix Europe Promo Box Set Cover
The Church - Gold Afternoon Fix Europe Promo Box Set Open

Several box sets of Gold Afternoon Fix were issued as promotional items:


The Church - Gold Afternoon Fix Guitar Tab Book Cover

A softcover book of Starfish guitar tablature was published:
Cherry Lane Music CL7078 (USA) 23.2cm x 30.4cm, 80 pp. - with poster