The Church - Man Woman Life Death Infinity Cover

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1.Another Century (4:42) / / /
2.Submarine (4:54) /
3.For King Knife (4:29) /
4.Undersea (3:21) / /
5.Before The Deluge (5:12) /
6.I Don't Know How I Don't Know Why (3:47) / / /
7.A Face In A Film (4:12) /
8.In Your Fog (3:59) /
9.Something Out There Is Wrong (4:48) /
10.Dark Waltz (4:33) /

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the church are
   steven kilbey.  bass guitar, fender 6 guitar, keys, lead vocals
   peter koppes.  acoustic and electric guitars, keys
   timebandit powles.  drums and percussion, backing vocals, keys
   ian haug.  acoustic and electric guitars, keys
   with amanda kramer.  additional keyboards and backing vocals

all songs written and performed by the church

recorded at rancom studios mid 2017
engineered by ted howard
mixed by ted howard at pigs and apples
produced by ted howard and the church
mastered by don bartley at benchmark
sketches and shapes at airlock studios (engineer konstantin kersting)
  spacejunk studio (engineers ted howard and timebandit powles)

all artwork by eden mulholland

executive producer.  kevin lane keller

management.  keith haganskh music
agent.  stephen wade — select music australia
ryan farlow paradigm music usa
business management.  kristin lee


the church would like to thank

john tehranian, david rundle, kip mcclanahan, keith hagan, kristin lee
michael and sebastian chase, mark bolton, stephen wade and all at select
ryan farlow, ward, brie, gary, smithers, reid, george kazepis, eden mulholland
konstantin kersting, lloyd, ross, aaron, craig wilson.
especially big thank you to ted howard for going further
deeper, beyond infinity and making it out alive.

a special thanks again to kevin lane keller for your belief beyond belief.

peter would also like to thank — michelle, taylor acoustic guitars
fender guitars, gretsch guitars, maton electric guitars
blackstar amplification and roland corporation.

ian would also like to thank — ross malloy, vase amps, orange amps
the pedal empire, matts guitar service, ruby and hugo.

steve would like to thank all his friends and family
who indulge him in all this malarkey.

tim also thanks the eagle st gang, mapex drums usa, chris and all at
electric factory, meinl cymbals, simon and all at roland
hugo for the magic drumkit lend #1 for being there
...and the mountain for inspiration.

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Steve wrote about this album on his Blog, and gave a brief track-by-track rundown on August 23, 2017.

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