Disc One Individual Track Credits

seen it @ the feelmore
construction/concept/synth - crackerbox (timebandit)
drumkits courtesy of sasha and kinetic
audience courtesy of church fans global
stage piano - timebandit
turntablism - crucial d (courtesy of wicked beat sound system)
edit assistance - daniel (switchkicker)
mix - bob scott @ dodgy sound
mix assistance - tim powles

stay all night (kings mix)
interpretation/re-invention/virus/vinyl - crackerbox (timebandit)
additional orchestra, piano, tambourine and bass - daniel (switchkicker)
radiotronics all night - william bowden
mix - tim powles @ spacejunk

radiant 1934 remix
original sketches/kits - crackerbox (skeet)
radiotronic shortwave - william bowden
remix the remix - timebandit
more drums - daniel (switchkicker)
more bass - timebandit
mix - tim powles @ spacejunk

concept/production entirely by centipede
mixed by centipede for centipede, @ centipede [defunct site]

distant x unseen
stripped/edited - crackerbox (timebandit)
turntablism - crucial d (wbss)
invisible voice - peta morris
invisible glue and shape - daniel (switchkicker)
mix - tim powles @ spacejunk

let y=x (survival mix)
conflict resolution - daniel (evil) and timebandit (good)
narration - the devil and american radio
turntablism - crucial d (wbss)
reasonable synth, beats and MS20 - daniel (switchkicker)
extra kits from "don't know why" and "everything" (will halliday debut album)
original poetry in french, translation by s kilbey
mix - tim powles @ spacejunk
mix assistance - daniel (switchkicker)
bad dream sequence - crackerbox (timebandit)
bad vinyl and sad guitar - daniel (switchkicker)
bad rhodes, virus and drumkit - timebandit
narrator part 1 - charlie higgins
mix - tim powles @ spacejunk

earthfriend (version)
remix by klaus krusty and "dodgy" bob scott
additional lunar sonics and melody - daniel (switchkicker)
mix - bob scott @ dodgy sound

down: nostalgia and everything after
concept - crackerbox (timebandit)
mr. jazzy drummer - alon ilsar
more beats/lo sines - tony buchen
21st century double bass - timebandit and daniel (switchkicker)
voice from the past - peta morris
viola - jane griffiths
beat/bass placement - daniel (switchkicker)
trumpet from the past - david stephenson
mix - tim powles @ spacejunk

the deep ache mix
entirely made sorrowful by hypnotech
ambient angel - morika elek
mix - hypnotech @ hypnotech

executive producer - tim powles for the church

for thought and sound advice - tony buchen (courtesy of the baggsmen)
dodgy vibes and support - bob scott
attitude/delete button - daniel (switchkicker)

for original recording credits and info disc one see "after everything now this" booklet (2002 thirsty ear)