THE CHURCH are a four piece group from Australia who are already established as a 'cult' band in the U.K.

Their new LP is called 'SEANCE' and is their first U.K. release since the acclaimed EP 'THE UNGUARDED MOMENT' out in late '82.

THE CHURCH spent 1983 touring in Europe and Australia and they received extensive media exposure throughout both tours. During the year they also recorded 'SEANCE' - their third album, and an EP for Australia.

As a result of the great European interest THE CHURCH are scheduled to tour in England at the end of May and a track from the LP has been earmarked as a single to coincide with the U.K. dates. It is 'ELECTRIC LASH', the second track on Side Two of the LP.

THE CHURCH have a reputation for moody and hypnotic balladry, heartbeat rhythms, dynamic instrumentation and evocative vocals. 'SEANCE' further enhances this reputation and will move them from their cult status to a wider audience.