SING-SONGS (EP) (1982)

The Church - Sing-Songs (EP) Cover

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Side 1:  Side 1:
1.A Different Man (3:13) / /
2.Ancient History (2:29) /
Side 2:
  Side 2:
1.The Night Is Very Soft (3:46) /
2.In This Room (4:02) /
3.I Am A Rock (2:11)

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Steve Kilbey: Vocals, Bass, Bells and Keyboards
Peter Koppes: Lead, Slide Guitar, Vocals
Marty Willson-Piper: 6 + 12 String Guitar, Vocals
Richard Ploog: Drums

Produced By The Church, except "I Am A Rock," (Produced and mixed by Bob Clearmountian, Co-produced by The Church.)
Engineered By John Bee
Mixed by Chris Gilbey + The Church
Photography and Art Direction by Lloyd James
Design by Leigh Elmes '82
Management: Michael Chugg, P.O. Box 97, Kings Cross

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