The Church - Uninvited, Like The Clouds Cover

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1.Block (6:20) / /
2.Unified Field (4:00) /
3.Space Needle (4:06)
4.Overview (5:33) /
5.Easy (4:10) / /
6.She'll Come Back For You Tomorrow * (4:32) /
7.Pure Chance (6:20)
8.Never Before ** (6:13) /
9.Real Toggle Action (4:17)
10.Untoward (4:55) /
11.Day 5 (5:15) / /
12.Song To Go.... (4:10) /

* "She'll Come Back For You Tomorrow" sung by Marty Willson-Piper.

** "Never Before" sung by Peter Koppes.

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produced by : the church
engineered by : jorden brebach, david trump and ted howard
additional engineering and production by : tim powles and jorden brebach
executive producer : kevin lane keller
recorded at : spacejunk 1, rancom street and dodgy sound
mixed at : the vault, by david trump
mastered at : studio 301 by don bartley
assistant track engineer : giles muldoon

piano on "overview" : david lane
guitar on "space needle" and additional backing vox : jorden brebach
cello on "song to go" by : sophie glasson

all songs written by kilbey/koppes/powles/willson-piper
published by peermusic/peermusic/cmp(chase music publishing)/copyright control
except "overview" written by kilbey/koppes/powles/willson-piper/lane
published by peermusic/peermusic/cmp(chase music publishing)/copyright control/copyright control

painting by : steve kilbey
design and layout : karl logge

the church are steve kilbey/peter koppes/tim powles/marty willson-piper
management : the church - admin@thechurchband.com

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Copies were first sold on March 20, 2006 at the "Uninvited, Like The Clouds" album launch show at The Troubadour in Brisbane, Australia. A press release was issued by the band, with a track-by-track rundown by Michael Dwyer and a Church chronology.

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