After Everything Now This


Transcribed by Jens Berke.

F#m A

Verse and Chorus always have these two chords:
Bm   D

Oh yeah
Your one and only lie
Ripped from the earth with these bare hands
You dare
Question the ritual
Despite continual
Threats of "gonna get you all"

1 law for the officers
1 for the gentlemen
2 bad you 3 know what it's 4
5 for this awful die
6 for the genetics
7 for the lucky pricks who went into heaven

Bridge 1:
G A Bm G

We ride for miles and miles
Following the howling of our prey
Out there
We load our yellow rigs
Scrambling for shelter
Dig, avoid decay

1 for the flaming sun
2 for the location
3 for the martyrs and the stars
4 for the wind and sand
5 so you understand
6 for the slips twixt the cup and the lips

Bridge 2:
G A Bm G Bm G Bm A
Fm# A F# A

1 for the cockpit blues
2 for the bands and groups
3 for the vast and molten sky
4 for the failed talks
5 for the knives and forks
6 for forbidden kicks
all the others in the sticks

Purple Pagoda added the following riff:

Right Handed: F#-Db

I start on the 'D' string, 4th fret with my first finger on the F# and my
third finger on the 'G' string hitting the Db. Then I move to the 7th fret
with my 2nd finger on the 'A' position and my first finger on the 6th fret
playing the Db.


The Awful Ache

Tabbed by Andy Perks and Purple Pagoda.

Intro: Am  F  G  E7

G          A                   D
 Esmerelda falls in love every Saturday

G              A                        D
 And on Sunday morning don't remember a thing

G                        A             D
 And the gringos are all saints of the latter day, that's the way

       G              A               D
And it takes a little pain out of the sting

G     Em              D
 Holy water tastes as sweet as wine

G     Em                    D
 Holy wine tastes just like blood

F#m                                 B
   She's drinking for loss, for the man on the cross

G                            A
 She says no more, the awful ache

G           A                 D
 And in her bedroom there's a mirror there

G             A               D
 Sometimes it don't reflect a thing

G             A                  D
 And from the street he sees her silhouette, and he can't forget

G         Em            D
 That her kisses are as sweet as wine

G        Em                D
 And her kisses taste like myrrh

F#m                           B
   Her love is lost, like the man on the cross

G                       A
 And no more, the awful ache

Middle: Am  F  G  E7

G          A                    D
 Esmerelda walks on down to the cemet'ry

G         A                      D
 And he's waiting for her in the shade

G                        A              D
 With the angels and the sad old trees, patiently

G        A                    D
 But she walks right past his grave

F#m                             B
 She's crying for loss, for the man on the cross

G                            A
 She says no more, the awful ache

F#m                             B
 She's crying for loss, and the man on the cross

G                            A
 She says no more, the awful ache


Song For The Asking

Transcribed by Jens Berke.

(I am a sailor on the water, did not find me through the dark)

Am           C                                     Am
I don't know, I don't know, I don't know where you go
I don't know, I don't know why I loved you so
You said it was alright
It stayed with me all night

I don't care, I don't care, I don't care where you are
I don't care, (I don't care), I don't care, I don't care who you are
You said it was too hard
You took out your trump card

Song for the asking
G                    Am
Song for you obviously
Song for the singer
G                 Am
Song for the B movie
Song for the asking
G                 Am
Song for you and me



Transcriptions by Brian Smith and Stefan Horlitz.

This is Brian's version:

Verse: Em D C D
(The last D is just two beats to move back into the Em. It varies a little,
so don't always play it)
Chorus: C D Em

"All these colors": Am Am/C

After singing the last "all those colours bring me down" you start from a E5
"power chord"


You're then going to move that basic shape down the fret board. Taking the start
position as "7", it goes

7, 5, 3, 2, 5, 3, 2, 0 which corresponds to playing (roughly)
E, D, C, B, D, C, B, A

then end with an E minor, which takes you back into the verse.

And this is Stefan's version:

In case you want to do a piper and play the full jingle jangle (that makes the
chords a bit different):


I'm doing my takamine-12 solo version with the following chords; this is quite
different from Brian's version:

e7/10 - D - e7 - C9





Transcribed by Jens Berke, with additons made by Purple Pagoda.

Bm     x24432
E      022100
C      x32013
A      x02220
G      320003
F      133211

The following chords are for the chorus. I play these chords on the higher
frets because to me it sounds closer to the song:

C (2)  8 10 10 9 8 8
A#     688766
Am7    575555
C7     335363

Intro and instrumental part after chorus:

Bm E

C            Bm             A                G
      When a cloudy morning rain touched our little town
C                 Bm            A              G
      Three small sisters and a friend walking in the fields

C       Bm                   A            G
      A strange light in the sky blotting out the sun

C         Bm           A            G
      Whatever happens next changes all our live

Bridge to Chorus:

C (2)       A#                Am7               C7
    And the children ran home sobbing and half blind
C (2)        A#         Am7              C7
    Said our lady has a message for mankind
C (2)          A#                  Am7          C7
    Frightened and bewildered, not making any sense
C (2)       A#               Am7
    Dazzled by the virgin's..............

Bm               E