Transribed by Jonathan Cridford.

Just the basic chords for "Diviner" - the keyboard notes are easy; they pedal
between the D and G strings. During the chorus, an electric six string plays arpeggiated
versions of the chords below.

This is the chorus/main keyboard riff, transcribed for guitar: Live, I use a Boss CE-5 chorus
with a Mooer Analogue Echo pedal to really draw out the sound of each note.


D     G         C
High, after the summer
D            G               C
Find all the wells are drunk dry
D         G        C
Miles and miles of starburn
D              G           C
Branded on the hide of the night

G   Fsus2*

D    G          C
Low, before the winter
D            G           C
Loser, these vessels are full
D        G           C
Drop between drop of moonshine
D               G              C
Slipping on the surface of our day

G   Fsus2
Diviner (Water underground)
G   Fsus2
Diviner (Rock ceiling fossil pool)
G   Fsus2
Diviner (Blind transparent fish)
G   Fsus2
Diviner (Seek the liquid dark)

*Fsus2 chord: I usually fret the base "F" note with my thumb, using my index finger
to bar the first fret of the E and B strings. It is essentially an F major chord with the G
string A note removed.




A                          C#m
Gotta see there'e no more use in calling,

F#m                        D
the past is over and the dark are falling.

A                          C#m
Hold me closer than you did today,

F#m                        D
see all misunderstandings evaporate away

E                    D              F#m
If you knew how I tried, so deep inside,

there's just one and I'll give this to you.

E                       D
If you think that's no good then you should

F#m                    E
disappear fast, what else could you do?



Transcribed by Fenton.

(my apologies - it's been a while since I've listened to this much, 
so I don't know very many of the words offhand)

The chords for the verse are:  C Am Em G
The chorus is:

F           C
I led him down to it,

G           D
can't get around to it,

F           C           G
I led him down to it, too.

F           C
I let him loose in it,

G           D
can't get used to it,

F           C           G
I let him loose in it, too.

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