Jack Frost

Civil War Lament

Transcribed by Jens Berke.

Play with capo at the 3rd fret.
The chords are named as if they were played without capo.
The song has two different times:
* 4/4 in the chorus
* 3/4 in the verse, but with the one bar after the Gadd6-chord played 4/4 again

C      x32010
F/D    xx0565
Gadd6  320030
Fmaj7  x33210
Am     x02210

C                    F/D  C           F/D  C
They packed us up in bo-  xes, wooden bo-  xes
    Gadd6     C
And sent us home
               F/D   C             F/D   C
Underneath the wil-  low, near the ri-   ver
   Gadd6  C
By my headstone

If you do some picking like  this, you get
quite close to how it is played:

 C         F/D    C          F/D   C       Gdd6     C   (do some picking stuff)


Am             Fmaj7       C
   And all you do is carry on

play the "carry on"-part like this:

 C                Am
|1----0-1 3 1 ---|1---------------|
..on..             ...when all you do

It's snowing now it's winter, river's frozen
And still you come
I can almost see you, and touch you
My pretty one

When all you do is carry on



Transcribed by Jens Berke.

When Steve plays this song live it is a bit different than
the original song on the Jack Frost album. Here are the chords
for the album version:

It's just two groups of chords, changed quickly - meaning that
you only have to pull one finger on and off one string:

D5         xx0235
Dsus4      xx0233

Em9/A      x02032
Em7/A      x02030

   D-chords        Em-chords
   Remember when I told you

   D-chords        Em-chords
   You were pretty lost

On Steve's Acoustic & Intimate, there are a few more chords, and Steve
plays the D-chords in the verse a bit different:

Dsus2  xx0230  (instead of D5)
Em7/D  xx0030  (instead of Dsus4)

Steve plays the end of the chorus sometimes like this:

Em7/G      3x0030
Em7/F#     2x0030
Em7        02x030

  Dsus2..           Em7/G
  All I have, all I need

        Em7/F#   Em7
  All I got is   providence


Didn't Know Where I Was

This is a song for real beginners: the chords are just G F C