Questions Without Answers

Verse: Em D (x2) Bm7 G (x2) Em Bm7 G D

Chorus: G D


Melody Of The Rain

Verse: G D Em Bm7 D (x2)

Chorus: Em Bm7 G C (x2) Em Am



Verse: G C (rpt)

Chorus: Dm7 C G


Time Is Imaginary

Em G Fmaj7 Cmaj7 G (repeat.  Sing like Marty; be creative :-) )


Melancholy God

First:Dm Am Dm Am E Am Dm E A

Second: D Dmaj7 G A (x2) G A D Em G A Dm


To Where I Am Now

Transcribed by Jens Berke.

E          [022100]
Esus4      [022200]
B7sus4/C#  [x44200]  (I get these weird chord-names from a program which I just
                      tell the finger positions - and to this one it suggested about
                      40 different names! I just chose one, hoping that it's right
A          [x02220]
G#m        [466444]
F#m        [244222]
Bsus4      [x24400]

E                             B7sus4/C#
In sleep I'm spending so much time
           E          Esus4
It must be good there

         E                  B7sus4/C#
When I awake I start to explore
                    E      B7sus4/C#
Explode through the door
My skill more and more
Then rich direct this full shell
   E                                    B7sus4/C#
Is brimming, burning, brimming, burning

           E        F#m G#m F#m (these 3 chords are eighth at the end of one bar)
To where I am now

F#m (1 bar)

In time I'll slot this active breath
My mouth is moisture
Now I'm talking listening you're speaking
Reach what you're seeking
I patched what was leaking
Now sure stampeding, stumbling
Clawing, bleeding, clawing, bleeding

To where I am now


A G#m F#m E
A G#m F#m Bsus4

I'm a coin that won't stop spinning
Can't tell if I'm winning
Exposed by the commitments of choosing
When winning's losing
It's so confusing
The climax to the last hot moment
Spinning, singing, turning, burning, growing, flowing
I'm spinning
I'm singing
I'm turning
I'm burning

To where I am now