The Church - Sing-Songs EP CD Cover

Created by Edgar Aldrett in very limited quantity for trades.
The original EP sleeve (both sides) is nicely reproduced as the cover insert.


  1. A Different Man (3:15)
  2. Ancient History (2:31)
  3. The Night Is Very Soft (3:48)
  4. In This Room (4:04)
  5. I Am A Rock (2:13)
  6. A Different Man (Demo Video Version) (3:48) [Bonus Track]
  7. The Night Is Very Soft (Alternate Mix) (3:55) [Bonus Track]


Steve Kilbey (Vocals, Bass, Bells & Keyboards)
Peter Koppes (Lead, Slide Guitar, Vocals)
Marty Willson-Piper (12 + 6 String Guitar, Vocals)
Richard Ploog (Drums)
Produced By The Church, except "I Am A Rock," (Produced and mixed by Bob Clearmountain, Co-produced by The Church.)
Engineered By John Bee
Mixed by Chris Gilbey and The Church



"A Different Man (Demo Video Version)" was sourced from the Goldfish (Jokes, Magic & Souvenirs) LaserDisc. "The Night Is Very Soft (Alternate Mix)" was sourced from The AMCO Album compilation.