Curious (yellow) - Charms & Blues


Anticipation in the vestibule
A stage in my memory
I can see I can feel
Women in borrowed feathers and poisonous perfume

A dream I didn't dream
Of having so close to me
I feel every moment as it slips on by
And I sigh with a distant smile
Before the final call

Girls with twisted swirling minds
Under their tu-tu's
They play hide and seek
With a man who doesn't know what he wants
But he takes what he can
And he runs and he runs

I wake up
I caress the sleep out of my eyes
Entice me
Take me
Before the glory fades

Then my fate is sealed
I can see I can feel


Taken By Surprise

I was taken by surprise
When struck by lightning you arrived
Wide-eyed, two-faced, three-legged you begged
Mercifully to get in

I said no, I've changed my mind
I think I know your kind
So I changed my mind
And said

Welcome stranger, get in and close the door
Give me your hand but don't ask me for more
Untied shoelace, unshaved straight-face
Piercing eyes still asking me for more

I said no, I've changed my mind
I think I know your kind
So I changed my mind
And said yeah, taken by surprise
Oh yeah, taken by surprise

Who are you and what's the story
Why pick me and my hospitality
I was taken by surprise
When struck by lightning you arrived


Love Itself

I know you are close
But I can't seem to find you
Didn't I look hard enough
Or is it just fate playing with us
The waves are waiting
To break the ice
Between our soft coloured senses
I wonder what I'll find in your eyes

The glance's bouncing
With the ball you threw in my court
And I grab it
And hold it
Tighter as I realize that

I am in love with love itself
Would you believe that I am in love with love itself
Would you believe me

Love is like honey
Honeymoon suite
Like that caramel classic
I couldn't resist
And had to eat
And in the back of my mind
I will seduce you
For all the reasons I could find
I'd still want to choose you

So smooth and flawless
Irresistible you are
When I grab you
And hold you
Tighter then I realize that

I am in love with love itself
Would you believe that I am in love with love itself


Charms And Blues

I'm slowly coming back
From the outback of eternity
I lived a single life
And hid in a shadow zone
I thought reality
Was too brutal for me
To follow it through

I sold the look in my eyes
Bit the fingertips of my lover
Simple as that
We are lost and still together

I have so many faces
I wish you knew them all
Maybe you could follow me
To the end of this reverie
Enchanted by my hearty smile
My charms and blues

I'm running out of time
Catching the last wave
Picking dreams from a fortune
I could have had
But I let it go
Gold and silver
You can glitter on your own



I can't sleep tonight
And in my mind I walk down the streets
Of a deserted city
The doors are all open
And in each and every room
I search for sleep
Sometimes I can hear Insomnia scream
As she chases me through the dusty empty avenue
I want to get even, things just keep going wrong
I can smell fear, madness, witchcraft

But I'm still awake
Nursing my misfortunes that fidget and whimper in the dark
It's hot in here and trouble is hatching all over the place
I wish she'd leave me alone
I had a friend called Slumber
Who lived under the wings of a vulture
Sipping black milkshakes
Until Insomnia came and infested the nest
I can smell her fire, discord, obsession

Is there anything worse than a sleeplessness
A light comes on and destiny intrudes
I can't see if it is the streetlights or the moon
I don't know if it's my heart I can hear beating
Or the throb from some distant factory
Anyway I could always ask Insomnia
She's running all the rackets and rip-offs in this town
She's blackmailed the stores, and holds the night up for ransom
I can smell chaos, restlessness, oblivion



Gently, moving, watching
From above
But down at the crowd
I throw myself
Into anyone's arms
As long as they hold me, hold me, hold me

Walk, from star to star
My soul in a celestial body
I throw myself
Out of everyone's arms
'Cos they cannot hold me, hold me, hold me
And I'll be brave tonight

Soothing wing in the ghetto
My idols and charms in the caravan
One kiss on a throbbing temple
One touch from a lonely hand
Fingerprints and traces
Memories and faces

Gently, moving, watching
From above
Tonight is the night
I'm gonna take my life
Into my very own hands



Think if you could tell me
How it is to sail in the Caribbean Sea
And if you would allow me
I'll invite you
To tickle my toes
Ascending the tree
Provoke my intimacy
And you're just a fraction away
From serendipity

The waves lick the shore
And the sun sinks in the distance
The surf is shallow
But you dive deep into my system

But if you are just a fragment
Of my imagination
Then you could help me
Chasing sunspots
And shooting stars
Out of the blue
I think I'll come with you
To that fraction away
From serendipity


Down The Wishingwell

Sentimental, melancholy
Your sad eyes left me feeling lonely
I whisper please come back
I howl into the night
And the echo sings tomorrow's blues
The wishingwell is drying soon
I passed it on my way
To our first and last farewell

And freedom walked us half the way
Kissed goodbye, and wished us well
Down the wishingwell

I grabbed the hammer and hit the bell
The sound grew louder and broke our spell
The devil that I love
He changed his Gods for gold
And love is such a worn out word
But the absence of it always hurts
So I say it once again
The fire fighting for the flame

And freedom walked us half the way
Kissed goodbye, and wished us well
Down the wishingwell

(I wish you well, I wish you...)
Down the wishingwell



Colossus here I come
I've conquered the sea
A ship of wood
And a man of steel
And I'm calloused and horny
I acquire some land
And a budding woman to lay my hands on

Meet me when the wind has stopped to cry
Fathom me, I'm starboards of the sky
Where the mermaids come to hide
From the curfew

My spartan conditions
From stem to stern
Up in the crows nest
I dream and I yearn
To close the logbook
Wash the salt off my face
And get a clean shirt
From the bottom of my sea chest



Empress, where do we go now
We've laid down everything we own
Our carved unicorns, black pearls, semiprecious stones
Who waits outside our palace in the snow
Only the twentieth century
Well what do you know

Don't bother whispering in my ears
I can't hear you
Why are you all still standing here
I can't see you
Pack up your beasts and burdens
Pack up your finery
Your sentences and pardons
Doesn't mean that much to me

When you touch me
I can't feel you
Don't bring your sick and lame to me
I can't heal you
Pull down your flags and banners
Pull down your armouries
Your empty words and manners
Doesn't mean that much to me

Empress, where do we stay now
There isn't any place to call home
No wooden beams, tiled floors
No silver mirrored domes
We left our children dreaming dreams of dreams
We never know how they wake up
If they laugh or they scream


New Moon

Maybe we could go out in style
In perpetual twilight
When Orion is high
And I will feel strong and possible
So don't get me wrong
Don't be the obstacle
Now the sky is blushing
And I am touching the horizon

There's a new moon
Rising up above
I reach it with my bare hands and I
Will bring it down to us
Promise me you must
Glow with the new moon

Maybe we could forget the time
Empty the sandglass
And stop watch the hands
And I give you a feather from an angel's wing
I lean against your shoulder, tell you everything
In a castle of clouds
Where I'm allowed to move the horizon

Let Go

[from the Taken By Surprise single]

I can hear an orchestra
Playing sympathy
Not just for the devil
It also plays for me

Out there on the balcony
I hear the symphony
I leave my gay companions
'Cause something's calling me

I'll let go
Get through and go
Let's go
Get through and go

'Cause I'm here now (here now)
I'm here now (here now)
I'm here now (here now)
So please, don't go-ow-ow

Stubborn nights fight useless wars
Against ??? [1:49] and unease
They don't know what's right or wrong
In dark nights ??? [1:59] obscurity

The music's getting louder
And I feel more intense
I try to listen harder
But nothing here makes sense

So lets go
Get through and go
Let's go
Get through and go

'Cause they're here now (here now)
Yes, they're here now (here now)
They're here now (here now)
So please, lets go-ow-ow-ow

That's it