Curious (yellow) - I Am Curious

Transparent Garden

Snooping eyes and an ebony dice
The lonely dabble in numbers and get runs for free
Gone, just when they came along
To see me and take me to their transparent garden

Behind the sky I was high
Don't know why I was high
Only found me looking shapeless in the shade

A book on Khartoum, perhaps stain better [1:22]
A Shiva on six/silk sheets wear another maid [1:26]
My friend, can we see the end
When I dance a loss and throw the darkness [1:39] into their transparent garden


Pretty Girl

You know the girl I mean
We talked about her
There's things she says to me
That you won't hear from her

She's a pretty girl
Another girl
Means a lot to you
We've talked about her
She's a pretty girl
There's things she says to me
She'd look good with you
You won't hear from her

There's something wrong with me
To encourage you
To hurt and break the girl
That's what she asked me to do/soothe [2:32]

And you know I'll tell her, the way she thinks of you
Know I dared the way she feels [3:43]
And you've no idea the things she said to you
But it isn't how it seems


Song With No Name

I didn't like the smell of you
When you came home last night
Covered with excuses
And with a hidden sight [0:41]

I could smell it on your breath
And see it in your eyes
That something was between us
Which didn't seem quite right

I lost my cool
Acted like an ordinary let down fool
It took a while
To get things straight, getting back my faith

I promised I'd forgive you
But I maybe not forget
The steps you took in ugliness
The broken promises I met

I could feel it in your absence
I could feel it in the air
This prediction haunting me
And finally it's there


Tinsel Heart (In Chain Mail)

Blessed and cursed twice
She'll dream then war with lace then dramatize
I could see you up in her eye

In the new found citadel
She breathed a lone dark could never clearly turn
List the worries from a private hell

She carried a rusty iron cone
Expected answers from the dam
Carry digits for the flying

In chain mail
In chain mail

The constant was survival
The rainbows I could seize
Her reflection through the window
Like a mirror of the sea

The time has thoughts [2:27]
The sea was still [2:29]
Urging to live on

Princess tinsel heart was ready
To live on with the storm

In chain mail
In chain mail


If I Reach You

The visions of the virgins slowly letting out a bird
Flying to the light and bright to hear what someone heard
The sky's like skim milk and the words are too observed

If I reach you again
And visit your land
Will the flowers still grow
And a hand meet your hand [1:04]

Vicious one arm slowly opens up the sight, the fright
Hiding information that you need to see the light
The sky's like a blackboard and you can't read your sights

If I reach you again
And visit your land
Will the flowers still grow
And a hand meet your hand [2:06]