Created and distributed by Trevor Boyd.
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Issue#1 - Archive press cuttings; relevant dates; live reviews; 'Sometime Anywhere' reviews; Steve Kilbey interview (part 1); discography; CD bootleg reviews. Issue#2 - Archives; Steve Kilbey interview (part 2); Marty Willson-Piper interview; new album reviews; live reviews; discography; Church rarities & values; set-list.
Issue#3 - Archives; tape swaps; Peter Koppes interview; album retrospective; Steve Kilbey poetry written specially for the fanzine; promo items retrospective; letters. Issue#4 - Archives; new Jack Frost album reviews; Australian tour review; official and un-official video retrospective; live reviews; Steve Kilbey solo retrospective; trade page.
Issue#5 - Archives; Peter Koppes album reviews; complete history of Church involvement in other projects with catalogue nos etc...; new album reviews; 'Heyday' retro; 'All About Eve' retro (part 1); poll results. Issue#6 - Archives; complete bootleg tape history; 'All About Eve' retro (part 2); 'run-off-groove' subliminal messages; new album reviews; photo from Richard Ploog's collection; 'Priest=Aura' - Kilbey describes the making of the album.
Issue#7 - 'Magician Among The Spirits' album reviews; press cuttings; letters; live tapes update; Jack Frost reviews. Issue#8 - 1996 Australian Tour reviews; Steve Kilbey Interview; new album reviews; rarities.
Issue#9 - Exclusive fanzine only 2 track CD single offer; Richard Ploog interview; Tim Powles interview; album reviews; 'You Took' appreciation. Issue#10 - 'The Refo:mation' album reviews; Peter Koppes interview; 1997 Australian tour reviews; Steve Kilbey demos feature; 'Magician' feature.
Issue#11 - Irish Tour reviews; Steve Kilbey interview; album reviews; 'Starfish' retrospective; Russell Kilbey interview. Issue#12 - 'Hologram Of Baal' reviews; Steve Kilbey London solo show review; press cuttings; Steve Kilbey prose; Marty Willson-Piper solo retrospective; Crystal Set retrospective.
Issue#13 - Reviews of 'Hologram' world tour; 'Penny Drops' and 'Tyg's in Space' album reviews; Church interview from Dec '98; Archives
Issue#14 - An Interview with Jay Dee Daugherty; Box of Birds reviews; 3 exclusive poems from Steve Kilbey; Marty welcomes the NSEW cameras into his flat; 'Jack Frost' interview; Peter Koppes 'From the Well' retrospective; Archives
Issue#15 - American tour reviews; MWP interview (at home in West London); John Kilbey interview; Album reviews; Archives Issue#16 - Exclusive SK interview; AENT reviews; SK solo album review; Interview with PK; Archive press cuttings