Created and distributed by Michael Farrant.
Issues are generally released to coincide with any UK gig activity.
Some back issues are available from The Maven

Issue 1 ! It came in a bag with 2 adhesive photos, featured a review of The Borderline gigs and review of the current Sometime Anywhere album. Was free upon request and ironically the weakest yet most circulated ! Issue 2 Priest = Aura special. The original plan was that when there was no new Church album to focus on we'd take a step back to a previous one in reverse chronological order and look at the whole era incl cuttings, singles, photos etc.
Issue 3 looked back at GAF and had the 1st part of our 1st interview with Steve, Frank Donnelly's interview with Grant McLennan, a beginners guide to solo albums, a review of Fake and continuation of a healthy relationship with Rykodisc was solid progress Issue 4 - a Peter Koppes / Jack Frost special. I was contacted by someone who could interview Peter in Aus on the fanzines behalf and shortly after recieved a cassette to transcribe and a copy of Water Rites ! 'Magician Among The Spirits' was also featured
Issue 5 was the MATS special, with the Comedown EP, Marty's involvement with Julianne Regan's Mice and the bands involvement in Steven Cummings' album it was a busy time. Unknown to us at the time it was also the darkest of times behind the scenes re MATS. Issue 6 - Colourful Collage eh ! It was wrapping paper ! Steve Kilbey special incl newly released Narcosis + & Gilt Trip. Remember helping the guys behind the Narcosis + project by spreading the word but once phoned one of them at 4am Aus time by mistake !
Issue 7 a Peter Koppes special with his new 'Love Era / Irony' album and a collectors guide to his solo work. It also looked back at 'A Quick Smoke' which in reverse chronological order should have been before GAF and leaves Starfish as the next to revisit Issue 8 - Baal special, the start of the modern era Church with Peter back and Tim Permanantly installed. Another paper bag background, I amassed a collection of potential future ones that never got used ! David Gedge's Cinerama album incl Marty reviewed.
Issue 9 A long time coming, after illness, ill fortune, broad foundation and template building with the newly acquired PC and the 'missing years' of the All About Eve reunion and Box Of Birds covered by flyers and newsletters alone came this new look issue A Marty / Parallel Universe special. A new feature 'Church Vaults', a feature on Church compilations, a Marty collectors guide, reviews of Freaky Conclusions, Noctorum's debut and Peter's Simple Intent plus continued interviews help establish the new look
FY special, incl the first part of a lengthy interview with Marty conducted at a Parisian Cafe. Jammed was on the cover but is not mentioned within - I needed more time to find the words to review it and still do, I thought should it be analysed at all ? Issue 12 was epic, describing four very different new Church albums, in depth interviews and featuring some great photography. The bands positive response to it was touching and important to me, it finally felt like it was reflecting where the band were at

Serving as a preview and accompaniment to the events of the weekend crusade featuring reviews of Psychedelic Symphony, Starfish, Blurred Crusade, Tyg's In Space, Peter Koppes' Misty Heights Compilation and much more.
A perfect supplement to the tour edition, featuring reviews of the Weekend Crusade and reviews of Baby Grande, Tiare and Far Out Corporation.
Steve Kilbey Special Edition! Featuring part one of interview with Steve, Part one of interview with Mike Brook, reviews of Sydney Rococo, The Afterlife, Steve live, Say Lou Lou  & more.