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On April 8, 2011, The Church appeared on the Australian TV morning show Today. Their appearance, recorded earlier in the week, was shown in the "Entertainment News" segment with Richard Wilkins, that aired at about 7:30 am. It consisted of a behind-the-scenes interview with the band at rehearsals before their April 10 "A Psychedelic Symphony" Sydney Opera House show. Included were clips from their induction into the ARIA Hall of Fame from Oct. 27, 2010. The Church segment ran about two minutes.

On Nov. 23, 2001, The Church appeared briefly on Today. According to fan Dave Rundle (who recorded this), it lasted about 30 seconds, and was part of Entertainment Host Richard Wilkins' music wrap.

It began with Wilkins saying, "On tour one of Australias most outstanding and enduring rock acts, The Church. They have a new album set for release and they are touring live and accoustic."

Then the view switched to the band in what looked like a rehearsal studio, and panned across all the members including guest David Lane playing a snippet of "Numbers" ("One for the flaming sun, two for the location, three for the martyrs and the stars"). "Numbers" continued in the background with a close-up of Marty Willson-Piper and Tim Powles.

Marty said, "We are doing an accoustic tour—we are going to do two sets. The first set is the new record, an intermission, and some old faves..."
Tim added, "and rarities."
Marty concurred, "And rarities."

They then closed with Marty going off doing a riff in "Numbers" that's not on the album version, and some background counting as they panned across the band. Wilkins then announced the tour dates and that they had performed their first show the previous night.

Steve Kilbey was reportedly looking ever the rock star with very short hair and dark sunglasses. The band played at the Queenscliff Music Festival later that day.