Jokes Magic & Souvenirs
by The Church


I just want some advice on where to find this or any live Church material. I have looked on ebay... any suggestions?

I love the Church!!


Fip's Response:

[updated November 17, 2019]

eBay, Discogs, and MusicStack are probably your best bet if you're looking to buy the few pressed (generally illegal) live bootlegs. But there's really no reason to ever pay for other live Church recordings. Fans are generally more than happy to share for free. Recordings of shows by The Church, as well as solo shows by Steve Kilbey and Marty Willson-Piper and some side project shows, are shared on the The Church Band (bootlegs) Facebook Group. Almost all of these are shared through MEGA. Do yourself a favor and sign up for a free account (though it's not required). I have linked to all available Church downloads at The Church Concert Chronicle Downloads Page. I also have downloads pages for Steve Kilbey and Marty Willson-Piper.

The date of this concert is not March 29, 1991. I have the boot LP. It is in fact the "live interlude" bootleg date of April 25, 1991. I know this because it is ANZAC DAY in Australia and I was there.