The Church Live At Maxwell's - Hoboken, N.J.
by The Church


My Church friends always had a great laugh with the "guessed at" song titles...

The fidelity on this audience recording is just ok, as it sounds a bit warped, especially the first few tracks. The performance however, is absolutely magnificent! I've seen The Church many times over the years and they have never been quite as good as they are on this bootleg. Don't get me wrong, I've seen some amazing Church shows, but this record really captured something special.

Marty and Peter's interplay is phenomenal throughout, particularly on Constant In Opal where they both just let it rip. Steve delivers a really fine vocal performance and Ploog anchors the band perfectly. The most striking thing about this show is just how aggressive and passionate the band sounds as they tear through all their top-shelf material (circa 1984).

If the audio quality were better, this could have been an excellent legitimate live album. As it stands, it's a decent sounding bootleg of a searing, stunningly good, live show. Highly recommended for serious Church fans.

An audience recording but a fine show at that. One of the few treasures in my collection. Well worth a purchase.