Deadman's Hand
by The Church


Hard to believe that the band chose to give this away, but what a wonderful way of saying thank you to the fans after 30 years.

This EP ranks up there with their finest work and is a welcome addition to the Untitled #23 family of work.

Deadman's Hand is of course the brilliant 2nd track off of their masterpiece, Untitled #23 and there is not enough praise that can be heaped upon that collection.

Stardust is an excursion into mind blowing art rock and dissonance punctuated by the standard dual guitar attack and the Killer's edgy vocals all pinned under Time's thunderous but never overbearing beats. Starts off soundling like a tribute to canadian superstars Rush then PK chimes in with the signature Church sound to lay claim to this track Marvelous.

The Kicker is a snippet featuring backwards tracking that sounds like a loop from some lost Lennon tape, then eases into Dakota, on of SKs most touching songs in years, and that is saying something considering their recent outpouring of stunning work. "I brought you fire so that I coud see the light in your eyes," has to be one of the best lyrics he's ever sang. Must be experienced to be appreciated fully...words cannot do it justice.

The Gardener is tripfest, 2010, with distorted vocals and effects galore; a fitting end to a wonderful excursion into the minds and souls of four extraordinary musicians.