by Steve Kilbey


Lengthy all-instrumental set by leader of the Church comes complete with lengthy booklet fans can read while listening. Though seemingly a companion piece to Kilbey's earlier "Unearthed" on Enigma, this album offers intentionally ambient music that differs drastically and may bore some listeners. For Church completists or new age backsliders.

Earthed is an amazing instrumental recording by Steve Kilbey. The songs are celestial, mesmerizing and at times haunting. An accompanying booklet is replete with Mr. Kilbey's esoteric and compelling prose. Kilbey is a great vocalist but on Earthed he transforms into an ambient master akin to a hybrid of Brian Eno, The Orb and the master, Edgar Froese of Tangerine Dream. An introductory essay within the booklet rightfully denounces mankind's destruction of the planet, land and marine wildlife species and human tribes. A very poignant audio and reading experience.

While the LP is playing now, I can say: I will not give it away for the next 20 years (I bought it when it was new!).