Songs from the Real World Vol 3
Commissioned Songs)
by Steve Kilbey & Martin Kennedy


Full Review

"The duo spin true-life, story-telling tales with Kilbey's lush, velvety vocals couched in Kennedy's dawning synths and acoustic guitar strum. There is not much of a dividing line between the quality and style of the pair's original songs versus the commissioned songs, at least sonically, although sometimes the lyrics tend to be simpler and more straightforward on the commissioned songs due to what Kilbey was sent as requests. There is a sweet charm and warmth to many of the fan-asked-for numbers because oftentimes the subject is about a specific loved one. Songs from the Real World Vol 3 is actually more varied than the previous two platters, containing only two songs titled by name, the pleasant 'Caroline' and 'A Song for Mike.'"