Atlantæum Flood is a Steve Knott instrumental music project featuring Marty & Olivia Willson-Piper.

ONE DAY (2019)

Atlantaeum Flood - One Day Cover

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1.Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise

STEVE - voice, Takamine acoustic guitar, keyboard (Mellotron strings), clogs
LYNNE - NXT electric cello, clogs
MARTY - voice, Fender Stratocaster, Rickenbacker 610, Rickenbacker 4003 bass, shaker, clogs
OLIVIA - violin, cellolin
DARE - voice, keyboard (Mellotron flutes, midi strings), Maton lap steel, fanned Fender Stratocaster, drum programming, clogs
NICK - floor tom, cymbals (Zin crash ride, Zildjan 22" ping ride)
BIRDS - hedge sparrow, robin, starling, blackbird, owl (Scotland)

2.After Sunrise

After Sunrise

STEVE - Takamine acoustic guitar, Takamine Electro Classical guitar
LYNNE - NXT electric cello ("trombone")
MARTY - Fender 6-string bass, Fender Stratocaster, EBow choir, Rickenbacker 4003 bass, Rickenbacker 365 Capri, Rickenbacker 610, Rickenbacker 340, snare
OLIVIA - violins, cellolin
DARE - keyboard (midi strings, glockenspiel), drum programming (timpani), mandolin
NICK - floor tom

3.Before Noon

Before Noon

STEVE - Takamine acoustic guitar, bass synth
LYNNE - NXT electric cello
MARTY - Fender Stratocaster (forwards and backwards), Rickenbacker 340, EBow
OLIVIA - violins
DARE - drum programming, triangle (forwards and backwards), shaker

4.After Noon

After Noon

STEVE - Takamine Electro Classical guitar, Seagull 12-string acoustic guitar
LYNNE - NXT electric cello
MARTY - Takamine acoustic guitar, Rickenbacker 4003 bass, Fender Stratocaster (forwards and backwards), bongos
OLIVIA - violins, cellolin
DARE - Maton lap steel

5.Before Sunset

Before Sunset

STEVE - Takamine Electro Classical guitar, drum programming, synth
LYNNE - NXT electric cello (C string tuned down to A)
MARTY - Eston bouzouki, Takamine acoustic guitar
OLIVIA - violin, duduk, electric toothbrush
DARE - drum programming, keyboard (midi strings), Cry Baby wah pedal manipulation
NICK - floor tom, shaker

6.After Sunset

After Sunset

STEVE - Takamine acoustic guitar, high-capoed Rickenbacker 610, Seagull 12-string acoustic guitar, keyboard (midi strings)
LYNNE - NXT electric cello (forwards and backwards)
MARTY - Fender Stratocaster, Rickenbacker 4003 bass, snare
OLIVIA - violins, cellolin
DARE - keyboard (midi strings), drum programming (cymbals, timpani)
NICK - floor tom, snare

7.Before Midnight

Before Midnight

STEVE - Takamine acoustic guitar
LYNNE - NXT electric cello
MARTY - Fender Stratocaster, Hagström 8-string bass
OLIVIA - violins, cellolin, duduk
DARE - drum programming, keyboard (drone)

8.After Midnight

After Midnight

STEVE - Takamine acoustic guitar, keyboard (theremin)
LYNNE - NXT electric cello
MARTY - Fender Stratocaster (forwards and backwards), Gibson Les Paul, Takamine Electro Classical guitar
OLIVIA - violins, cellolin
DARE - Keyboard (Optigan), drum programming, bamboo flute



  Steve & Lynne Knott
  Marty & Olivia Willson-Piper
  Dare Mason

All tracks composed by Steve Knott (PRS)
All tracks arranged by Atlantæum Flood

Produced, recorded and mixed by Dare Mason at the VIP Lounge, Penzance, Cornwall, 2016 - 2019
Mastered by Poppy Weinberger for Riverfish Mastering
Art Direction by Steve Knott, additional edits by Marty Willson-Piper
Design by Olivia Willson-Piper, additional edits by Lizzie Tucker
Photography by Adrian, Benjamin Elliott, Neven Krcmarek, KT, Bryan Minear, Ian Parker, Adam Seckel, Michael Tournier & Ken Treloar



Write-up by Marty:

Whilst writing for the new Noctorum album and organizing the In Deep Music Archive, an old school friend of Dare Mason's brother Dave booked some days in the VIP Lounge studio. Dave by the way was the original singer in our band in the seventies that enjoyed various ridiculous names - like Uncle Remus (stolen from Frank Zappa). I think we finally decided on Opal Butterfly, taken already by Lemmy in one of his pre-Hawkwind/Motörhead incarnations.

Dave's schoolfriend Steve Knott (Steve was in Wirral Synth Band The Games from 1980 - 1981) grew up in the same village as us on the Wirral peninsula, that piece of land between Wales and Liverpool, surrounded on three sides by water, rivers flowing into the Irish sea - the River Dee to the west and the River Mersey to the east - you may have heard of the ferry. Our little village, Thingwall, yes that's real, was a hive of musical activity that boasted two members of The Teardrop Explodes, Dave Balfe and Alan Gill, a newsagent named after the Swahili word for giraffe (twiga) and my first job after school working as a petrol pump attendant at the Amoco garage. One day my ex form teacher of four years and English teacher Miss Lewis drove up in her blue box Vauxhall Viva: "I knew you might end up doing something like this", she said.

Decades later, here we are, doing what we want, Dave Balfe of course went on to form Food Records, signed Blur and the rest is history. Alan Gill formed Dalek I love You and then disappeared, Dare and I moved to London, he became a producer and I became a hitchhiker. Dare's brother became an expert at everything he touched whether it was golf, restauranteuring or conducting autopsies and eventually having hundreds of children and teaching other kids how to be creative. Steve Knott became a successful geologist and married Lynne.

It is my pleasure to tie up all these loose ends and present them to you in the form of Atlantæum Flood, an instrumental project that will be released through Schoolkids Records in November 2019 - if you are from Thingwall, anything is possible.

These original compositions were written by Steve and recorded and produced by Dare. Steve played all the acoustic rhythm guitar, Dare played flute and programmed the drums. With electric cello by Lynne and with Olivia playing violins, cellolin and duduk. For me I was mostly given this blank canvas on which to paint my guitar lines and improvise, feel the music and open the doors into a sparkling organic universe, filling up the appropriate spaces with dreamy lines.

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