Sanders Bohlke is another musician based in Birmingham, Alabama, on the Communicating Vessels label. His works are known for being sparse and ethereal, layered and complex, with lush soundscapes against a soulful voice.


Sanders Bohlke - Quiet Ye Voices 7inch cover

Quiet Ye Voices (4:26) – 
The Weight Of Us (5:32) – 


Side A: Quiet Ye Voices
Written by Sanders Bohlke, Elizabeth Bohlke, and Jeffrey Cain
Sanders Bohlke: guitar, voice, drums, percussion, piano
Jeffrey Cain: guitars, drums, percussion
Recorded and produced by Jeffrey Cain for Communicating Vessels, Birmingham, Alabama
Mixed by Darrell Thorp
Mastered @ Taloowa by Paul Logus

Side B: The Weight Of Us
Written by Sanders Bohlke and Chris Keup
Sanders Bohlke: guitar, voice, drums
Leslie Van Trease: drums
Jebin Bruni: piano, wurlitzer
Brooke Waggoner: string arrangements
David Davidson: violins
Jessica Hale: cello
Recorded, mixed, and produced by Jeffrey Cain for Communicating Vessels, Birmingham, Alabama
Additional engineering by Darrell Thorp and Joseph Logsdon
Mastered @ Taloowa by Paul Logus

Art direction, design, photography by Brian Azer
Back cover photograph of Sanders by Elizabeth Bohlke
Dedicated to Gregory Scott Slay

GHOST BOY (2013)

Sanders Bohlke - Ghost Boy Cover


  1. Pharaoh (2:15)
  2. Ghost Boy (3:11)
  3. Lights Explode (4:39)
  4. The Loved Ones (4:43)
  5. Atlas (1:23)
  6. Serious (2:37)
  7. An Unkindness Of Ravens (4:24)
  8. Across The Atlantic (3:04)
  9. Long Year (4:13)
  10. My Baby (2:51)
  11. Death Is Like A Beating Drum (3:22)


Written by Sanders Bohlke
Produced by Jeffrey Cain
Mixed by Darrell Thorp
Mastered by Paul Logus
Photo by Caleb Chancey



Write-up from Communicating Vessels:

It's been seven years since Sanders Bohlke's eponymous debut - a folk album hailed as passionate and praised for its honesty. But that doesn't mean that Bohlke has been quiet in the interim. To fill the spaces between, he's released a slew of standalone singles and EPs, including "Search and Destroy," a 7+ minute track that expands in an unyielding cascading rhythm and "The Weight of Us," a string-laden ballad that Popdose referred to as "sound[ing] like a stark personal statement... a hauntingly lovely song."

The wait is over, though, as Sanders releases his new album Ghost Boy on February 19, 2013 via Communicating Vessels, one of the new crop of cutting edge Southern record labels, based out of Birmingham, Alabama with Jeffrey Cain (of Remy Zero) at the helm.

Lead single "Ghost Boy" is arguably Bohlke's most infectious melody and fully realized flirtation with pop music, and could easily hold its own with the biggest indie singles of the last few years. On this new record, Sanders continues his evolution as a songwriter with lush soundscapes that layer brooding and billowy textures against his soulful voice. Once again recorded with Jeffrey Cain, they've perfected a sonic world that deftly highlights both the beauty and the dark romance of Bohlke's songs.

THE NIGHT (2015)

Sanders Bohlke - The Night Cover


  1. The Night (4:01)
  2. The Hideaway (3:55)
  3. The Poison (3:46)
  4. The Return (2:56)
  5. Smalltown Boy (5:09)


Written by Sanders Bohlke
Produced and Mixed by Jeffrey Cain
Mastered by Paul Logus
Photo by Caleb Chancey
Design by Land vs Ocean