Ann Carlberger was the lead singer in the all-female Swedish punk band in the early 1980s. After they broke up in 1984, she and bandmate Karin Jansson (guitar) moved to Australia. At some point around that time Ann met Marty Willson-Piper.


Ann Carlberger - Black In Sunshine Cover

Black In Sunshine (A. Carlberger/K. Jansson)
Change Your Mind (A. Carlberger/MWP)

Ann Carlberger: Vocals, keyboards
Marty Willson-Piper: Guitar
Martin Rössel: Bass, Keyboards
Anders Hernestam: Drums

Recorded at MNW Studio November 1988
Produced by Martin Rössel


Ann Carlberger - Hidden Treasures Cover


  1. The Crowd (4:15) – 
  2. Hidden Treasures (5:16)
  3. Trying To Make Friends With Love (4:18)
  4. Change Your Mind (4:28)
  5. Everyday's A Revolution (4:02)
  6. 2000 Heartbeats (3:08)
  7. When I Was Younger (3:18)
  8. Far Away From You (3:50)
  9. Here Come The Tears (4:14)
  10. Colours (3:47)


Ann Carlberger (Lead and Backing Vocals)
Marty Willson-Piper (Acoustic and Electric guitars, Bass, Lead and Backing Vocals, Harmonica)
Martin Rossel (Programming, Keyboards , Organ, Acoustic Slide Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass)
Andy Mason (Backing Vocals, Tambourine)
Mats Ronnerstam (Bass)
Rickard Pilath (Piano)
Anders Hernestam (Drums)


THE CROWD (1990)

Ann Carlberger - The Crowd/Everyday's A Revolution Cover

The Crowd (Music: Carlberger/Willson-Piper, Lyrics: Willson-Piper)
Everyday's A Revolution (Willson-Piper)

THE CROWD (1991)

Ann Carlberger - The Crowd/Colours Cover

The Crowd (4:15) (Carlberger/Willson-Piper)
Colours (3:47) (Donovan Leitch)


Ann Carlberger - Trying To Make Friends With Love Cover

Trying To Make Friends With Love (4:16)
Black In Sunshine (3:30)



90'S INDIE POP (1994)

90's Indie Pop Cover


  1. Love In June (3:04) - The Wannadies
  2. Against The Sun (2:41) - Eggstone
  3. I'm In Love (3:57) - This Perfect Day
  4. In Black & White (3:14) - Easy
  5. Cindy (3:37) - Pleasurehouse
  6. Heaven's Lost (3:42) - Cam
  7. Undulate (3:10) - Popsicle
  8. I Got A Right (1:58) - The Wannadies
  9. Water (3:09) - Eggstone
  10. In My Bed (3:21) - This Perfect Day
  11. Never Seen A Star (3:41) - Easy
  12. Happy When You Leave (3:12) - Pleasurehouse
  13. Lunch (3:43) - Cam
  14. Hey Princess (3:42) - Popsicle
  15. Close To The Door (2:38) - Mufflon 5
  16. 2000 Heartbeats (3:09) - Ann Carlberger



This is a compilation of Scandinavian pop. Part of the liner notes by Tomas Diez Guerra:

MUFFLON 5 / ANN CARLBERGER - Como guinda para este sabroso pastel nórdico están estos dos nombres. Por un lado, el cuarteto que se dió a conocer en las famosas sesiones de la BBC en el show de JOHN PEEL. Son continuadoes de una de las agrupaciones más interesantes de Suecia THE BEAR QUARTET. En otro campo musical absolutamente diferente está ANN CARLBERGER, una insinuante mujer repleta de clase pop, esa elegancia inteligente que sólo algunas artistas desprenden. Basta decir como referencia que detras está MARTY WILSON PIPER, conocido por los buenos "gourmets" como el guitarrista y compositor del grupo THE CHURCH (casado con ella).

Approximate English translation:

MUFFLON 5 / ANN CARLBERGER - As icing for this tasty Nordic cake are these two names. On the one hand, the quartet that became known in the famous BBC sessions of JOHN PEEL. They are a continuation of one of the most interesting groups from Sweden, THE BEAR QUARTET. In another, absolutely different musical field is ANN CARLBERGER, an insinuating woman full of pop class, that smart elegance that only some artists give off. Suffice it to say as a reference that behind this is MARTY WILLSON-PIPER, known by the good "gourmets" as the guitarist and composer of the group THE CHURCH (married to her).