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With over 2,500 members, EveryOneBand is the biggest band and largest interactive recording project ever. It's mission is to raise money for Support Act, the Australian Music Charity. All four members of The Church (Steve Kilbey, Peter Koppes, Ian Haug and Tim Powles) contributed to the first single, "Stand By You," which debuted on the AIR Singles Chart (100% Independent) at #1 on June 12, 2018.


EveryOneBand - Stand By You Cover

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In the song "Stand By You" Steve Kilbey can be heard at 1:07–1:11 singing "When your darkest hour approaches."

In The Recording Of "Stand By You" video Steve Kilbey can be seen from 1:07–1:09 and very briefly around 4:17. Tim Powles can be seen in the first second along the left, very briefly out of focus at 1:26 (far left), and between 3:00 and 3:01 (3rd back on the left).

In the EveryOneBand Drums video Tim Powles' drum with the lyrics to "Block" can be seen at 0:03, and Tim can be seen at 0:05 (3rd back on the left), and closer up at 0:09.

In the EveryOneBand Official Video (a pre-release promo for the project) Steve Kilbey speaks at 0:36–0:39 ("Without music it's a fucking awful world!") and his name appears on screen 1:05–1:12 ("The Church" on screen 1:10–1:12). Tim Powles can be seen very briefly out of focus at 0:59 (far left).


EveryOneBand - Stand By You (Unplugged Mix) Cover

Stand By You (Unplugged Mix) (3:56)