I D was a short-lived quartet from Sydney.

THE WELL (1991)

I D - The Well Cover


  1. The Human Chain (5:49)
  2. Something For Something (6:55)
  3. Not Much Control (0:26)
  4. Ozone (3:19)
  5. A Rising (4:50)
  6. Dizzy Heights (6:37)
  7. Champions Of Love (6:06)
  8. Eye Of The Storm (4:11)
  9. I Want To Be There (6:26)
  10. The Only One (3:45)
  11. Love This Place (5:05)
  12. Song Of Hope (1:27)


all tracks: lyrics by paul butler music by I D (mushroom music)
recorded at festival studios - march-april 1990 and rich studio - may 1990 assisted by mark thomas and peter lees
mixed with david hemmings at rhinoceros studios assisted by david lumsdaine and paul grant

additional musicians
backing vocals: michelle norris. extra backing vocals: joy yates and ten wedge
brass: alan hunt and raoul hawkins, sax on "love this place": raoul hawkins. africanism: luis montiero (a rising)
garamuts on "ozone": david norris, tim powles, eddie walsh, paul blahuta
extra programming: michael allen. uillean pipes on "i want to be there": ian mckenzie
harmonica on "champions of love": tim marx. two anonymous chinese students on "dizzy heights"

I D is: paul butler: guitar and vocals. michael westcott: keyboards and violin. ed fox: bass. david norris: drums

produced by john harvey, paul butler