Steve Kilbey & Martin Kennedy - Live At The Toff In Town DVD Cover

Tracks (click a title for details)


1.Eyes Ahead (3:33)
2.My Will Be Yours (3:36)  
3.Stretch Into The Stars (4:10)  
4.Maybe Soon (3:38)  
5.Uh I Dunno (4:44)
6.Thought Of Leaving (3:43)  
7.Another Place (4:13)  
8.All Is One (4:39) *
9.Love Increased (4:09) *
10.The Other Place (3:44) *
11.Naked As A Star (3:33) *  
12.Friends Are Gone (4:59) *
13.The Demo (3:54) *
14.Under The Milky Way (4:29) *
15.Providence (6:16) *

* Featuring Graham Lee (from The Triffids) on Pedal Steel Guitar.


Steve Kilbey - vocals
Martin Kennedy - guitars and samples
Michael Evans-Barker (from Luvland) - drums and percussion
Graham Lee (from The Triffids) - pedal steel guitar
Simon Polinski - live sound

Filmed and edited by Ritchie Kisielnicki
Photographs by Dean Jones
Audio mix by Martin Kennedy

All songs kilbey/kennedy except Under The Milky Way Kilbey/Jansson, Providence Kilbey/McLennan



Recorded live at The Toff In Town on September 10, 2009. Includes a bonus photo gallery. There is a review of the DVD at DOA and another review at QRO Magazine.

Advertising write-up:

Live at the Toff is a once-only performance of Steve Kilbey (The Church) and Martin Kennedy (All India Radio) playing their acclaimed album Unseen Music Unheard Words. Joining them on stage is The Triffid's Graham Lee and percussionist Michael Evans-Barker. September 10, 2009 was a night to remember at the Toff in Town. The David Lynch-esque venue was the perfect setting for Steve Kilbey and his tuxedo clad band. Kilbey swooned and mesmerised the crowd as Kennedy and band played the entire album in track order. They followed up with a preview of their forthcoming second album as well as an amazing downtempo version of The Church classic "Under the Milky Way" before finishing with "Providence" written by Kilbey and the Go-Betweens Grant McLennan.