Steve Kilbey & Martin Kennedy - Unseen Music Unheard Words Cover

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1.Eyes Ahead (3:47)
2.My Will Be Yours (3:26)
3.Stretch Into The Stars (5:08) /
4.Maybe Soon (3:32) / /
5.Uh I Dunno (4:47)
6.Thought Of Leaving (3:51) /
7.Another Place (4:04) /
8.All Is One (4:34) / /
9.Love Increased (4:13)
10.The Other Place (3:45) /
11.Naked As A Star (3:28) /
12.Friends Are Gone (6:23) / /

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steve kilbey, martin kennedy, john kilbey
with: michael evans-barker, jen anderson, david spall, dave hedges, josh roydhouse, selena cross, chloe hall

recorded by john kilbey and martin kennedy,
mixed by simon polinski,
produced by steve kilbey and martin kennedy
all songs kilbey/kennedy/kilbey except
eyes ahead with don meers; naked as a star with chloe hall; friends are gone with josh roydhouse



This is how Steve described this album on his blog on April 9, 2008 ("my crow wave"):

you know it
this is the beautiful stuff
the simple stuff
the universal stuff
the blips and talking trumpets...
the space around the notes....
the easy on the ears stuff
the melodic stuff
the real real songs stuff
the poignant stuff
the subtle n sexy stuff
the romantic stuff
this one you will play over n over
you'll never get sick of it

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