Steve Kilbey & Martin Kennedy - You Are Everything Cover

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1.I Wouldn't Know (4:05) /
2.Everyone (3:56) / /
3.Lorelei (3:53) / /
4.Knowing You Are In This World (4:39) / /
5.I Find (4:29)
6.East Side West Side (4:12) /
7.A Better Day (3:43)
8.All The World (4:29)
9.Brother Moon Sister Sun (3:42) / /
10.Can't Get Free (4:26) / /
11.Finale (4:20)

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Written and performed by Steve Kilbey and Martin Kennedy
    with Leona Gray, Hollie Houlihan-Mckie, Jason Bunn and Jen Anderson

Mixed by Simon Polinski
Mastered by Greg O'Shea



Steve wrote about this album on his blog, with a track by track rundown, on March 4, 2013 ("you are everything").

The track "Brother Moon Sister Sun" began life as a song commissioned by Colette O'Neill (aka Kohl Ette). Of this song she wrote on YouTube:

I originally commissioned the song, then decommissioned and injected the funds into the album and sk's art. I contributed lyrics 'loving them for who they are not what they do' and 'don't forget to use your gifts love your life don't be afraid'. The title was my idea and tweaked by sk. Darkness/light contrasts came from my attempts to describe my offsprings' personalities. sk filled out? the lyrics nicely and love mk's music inspired by my and my kids' eclectic musical tastes."

Here is an Album Preview video.

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