Grant Meffan - Living Remains Cover


  1. Between The Cracks (5:16)
  2. In Trouble With God (4:48)
  3. Living Remains (5:25)
  4. Rise (3:22)
  5. Not Today (4:49)
  6. Be The One (3:29)
  7. Anywhere You Are (4:39)
  8. Spooky (4:27)
  9. New Age Daughter (5:08)
  10. Superstition (6:39)
  11. Taking A Chance (4:42)


All songs written by Grant Meffan
Recorded, Mixed & Produced by Tim Powles
Recorded in Tims lounge room &
Spacejunk Production House, Glebe,
between 1998 & 2002.
Mastered at 301 Sydney by David Macquarie

Guest Musicians:
   Mike Caen
   Pat Hayes
   David Lane
   David Skeet
   Skulkers Betti, Annette (Bassa) & Greer
   Courtesy of Chatterbox records
   Carly Horden
   And of course Tim Powles



A CD launch was held on May 26, 2003, at Bar Broadway in Sydney. Grant was joined by Tim Powles, David Skeet, and Tracy Ellis.

From the Spacejunk Media Release:

"Living Remains" is the debut album from Grant Meffan. Full of Dunedin style melancholy and dark twists, this recent sonic offering delivers a delightfully smooth sound, with soft and subtle electronic undercurrents.

Intriguing lyrics wrapped in a captivating unpretentious sound layer. The effect is subtle and deep reaching, it invites one to return.