Bohemia Press Kit


The time had come to check-out of the "Oceanview Motel," to take the lingering memories of the red clay hills and continue down the path of self discovery and knowledge. This less travelled road led Mae Moore into antipodes and came to rest at a dishevelled terraced house and converted studio in Sydney, Australia. It was the Autumn of '92. The door was opened by reigning priest, and resident soothsayer, Steve Kilbey of the band "The Church," and crossing over the threshold marked the entry into bohemia. Come down the darkened corridor, past the stairs that lead to unfathomable levels and into the kitchen where dreams were debated and indulged on freely...

While most of the album was written by Mae, three tracks are co-written with Kilbey, well known for his command of lyrical language. Kilbey encouraged Mae to challenge herself and only to accept great work. This collection of songs that make up three months of intensive efforts, did not come to fruition easily, but Mae believes that her best work is often created out of chaos. While she travelled alone to begin this album, she made alliances easily, drawing around her a community of creative spirits, each of whom brought a compelling colour to the palette that would give form to "bohemia." G. W. MacLennan, formerly of "The Go-Betweens," "Jack Frost," and currently solo, provided astonishing stories as well as guitar and vocal embellishments. Then there was Boris Goudonof, composer/arranger in his own right, well known for his anti-jazz, avante garde music in New South Wales. He provided chess matches and all the trumpets and fanfare. Peter Koppes of "The Church" brought goodwill and signature guitar sounds. Hip tragician Gord Downie dropped by for refreshments and lent his soul to "the wish." Bandmembers Ash Sood and Dave Kershaw flew down on their way to Spain to provide clarity and sensitivity as only they know how. Stephen Nikleva and Brian Minato furnished guitar and bass respectively on "western front." Kilbey covered many bases with his diverse creativity.

Those who enjoy Mae's guitar style will find more reasons to do so as she has raised the harmonic ceiling even higher by introducing us to her use of electric guitar in addition to her acoustic open tunings. We hope you enjoy this world of poets, angels, permanent tattoos, elixirs, absolutions and communion. We all want to belong somewhere, to be a part of something, to be with someone. Here is a place where everyone is listened to and respected, not for what they have, but for who they are.

.......welcome to bohemia