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Syncretism Bio from Facebook (Feb. 7, 2020)

Syncretism, NOUN : the amalgamation of different religions, cultures or schools of thought.

Dave Scotland and Peter Koppes first met in a different time as musical partner guitarists in a Glam Rock band called Baby Grande. Achieving some notoriety and success, the band ran its fiery course but ultimately fell apart.

Peter soon after became one of the founding members of The Church which has become one of the enduring Australian acts able to achieve world wide success. Meanwhile, Dave kept away from the spotlight after an unproductive solo recording career with Wizard Records, at the time a part of EMI. But he kept songwriting and recording because the flame wouldn't go out.

Recently, an opportunity arose for Peter and Dave to revive their musical co-writing and performing friendship. The music flowed from this and suddenly a first album was born with all instruments played by Peter and Dave. Peter wrote wonderful story-telling lyrics that allowed Dave to record vocals on the songs. The resulting record is very much a collaborative effort.

This is and we are Syncretism.


Known Tracks

  1. Sirens –  /
  2. Flood Or Fire – 
  3. I Live –