The Church - Comedown Cover

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1.Comedown (4:33) / /
2.Man (5:24) /
3.Won't Let You Sleep (5:16) (sung by Marty Willson-Piper)
4.SADS (4:08) /
5.Why Don't You Love Me (5:55) /


Track 1 written by Kilbey (Polygram Music).
Track 2 written by Kilbey/Willson-Piper/Tim Powles/Peter Koppes (Polygram/MMA/MCA/Warner-Chappell).
Track 3 written by Willson-Piper/Kilbey/Powles/Koppes (MMA/Polygram/MCA/Warner-Chappell).
Track 4 written by Kilbey/Willson-Piper/Powles/Simon Polinski (Polygram/MMA/MCA/Control).
Track 5 written by Kilbey/Willson-Piper/Powles (Polygram/MMA/MCA).

Produced by The Church and Simon Polinski.
Recorded and Mixed by Simon Polinski at Karmic Hit.
Management by Bruce Butler/bb management.
'Comedown' from the album 'Magician Among The Spirits'.
Design by Prilla Jones mushroomArt. Photography by Maikka Trupp.