EASY (2006)

The Church - Easy Cover

Tracks (click a title for details)

  1. Easy (sliced mix) (3:45)
  2. It's No Reason (live and acoustic @ newtown 2005) (6:24) – 
  3. Day 5 (live and acoustic @ newtown 2005) (4:42)
  4. Constant In Opal (live and acoustic @ the fiction club 2006) (5:28) – 


from "uninvited, like the clouds"
new album out now on liberation.
recorded by ted howard and jorden brebach.
mixed by david trump @ the vault.
produced by the church. exec producer kevin l keller.

it's no reason & day 5
recorded by jorden brebach @ newtown
thanks to amanda brown (violin) and
sophie glasson (cello) for joining the church on stage for it's no reason.

constant in opal
recorded by phil istein @ the fiction club.

all live tracks mixed by jorden brebach @ the orange room

all tracks mastered by don bartley @ benchmark

all songs by kilbey/koppes/powles/willson-piper (peer/cooking vinyl/chase)
except it's no reason and constant in opal - kilbey (universal)

art by debaser. www.debaser.com.au. drumhead by steven kilbey
Photos by Tiare Helberg & Tim Powles