Dead Snares is a Jeffrey Cain solo project. The term 'dead snares' is a musical term used in recording of a particular sound of a snare drum. The sound that is elicited is a kind of thud, not a bright sounding snare but one which is trapped.
"I like the idea of the snare being a negated trap, a trap that didn't work." — Jeffrey Cain


Dead Snares - Speak The Language Cover



1.The Language (5:16) / /
2.Strike Up The Band (3:37)
3.Sever (3:31)  
4.City Sparks (4:35) /
5.As Above, So Below (3:31)
6.These Dirty Streets (3:22) /
7.Blood (3:54)
8.Thrive (In A Vague Moment) (3:01)  
9.A Voice To Speak (2:17)  
10.The Age Of Fear (3:21)
11.An Unending (5:01)


Written and Performed by Jeffrey Cain
Produced by Darrell Thorp and Jeffrey Cain
Mixed by Darrell Thorp

Gregory Slay: drums & percussion on 'Strike Up The Band' 'Sever' and 'A Voice To Speak'
Leslie Van Trease: drums & percussion on 'As Above, So Below' and 'The Age of Fear', bass on 'The Age of Fear'
Cedric LeMoyne: bass on 'A Voice To Speak', title for 'As Above, So Below'
Jebin Bruni: Chamberlin Strings and keys on 'Strike Up The Band' and 'The Age of Fear'
Darrell Thorp: various delays, tape manipulation, and static
Gang vocal on 'The Age of Fear' Cedric LeMoyne, Gregory Slay, Dave the Resonator, and Hugo Nicolson

Recorded and Mixed at SoundIsidore Studios, Los Angeles
Engineered by Jeffrey Cain and Darrell Thorp
Additional Engineering by Jamie Candiloro
Mastered by Dave Ives at 101 Mastering, Los Angeles
Vinyl Mastering by Stan Ricker
All songs published by Iris Doe Music (ASCAP) & WB Music Corp.(ASCAP)
Art direction & design by Rod Dyer



From the Communicating Vessels page for Dead Snares:

The sense of being trapped, as it were, binds Speak The Language together in haunting, sonically-empassioned pleas. Dead Snares examines, with an insightful depth, the lengths to which we will go to find connectivity to the world around us. The unifying thread of this collection is ultimately a reflection on the desire for communication with the people to whom we are bonded, taking an empathetic look at the people in our lives and how we speak to one another. If this Dead Snares album has a manifesto, it is to purposefully take a bird's eye view of the city, channeling the unsorted energy of the millions running around in darkness.

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