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1.Uncle Dennis Sets The Scene (3:41) /
2.Put You On My Wall (3:33) (Baby Grande song)
3.Pure White And Deadly (3:29) (Baby Grande song) /
4.Getting Away With Murder (2:46) (Baby Grande song)
5.Mad Damn Lash (3:56) (Baby Grande song)
6.Statue Garden (4:17) /
7.Electrical Disturbance (4:02) /
8.Ur Inside (2:46) (instrumental) / /
9.Inkling (2:36)
10.My Abstract Model (3:30) (feat. Peter Koppes on guitar) /
11.You're My Idea (4:06) (feat. Peter Koppes on guitar) /
12.Prophet Margin (2:58)
13.Spirit Of Christmas Yet To Come (2:31) /
14.Cut Up (5:07) (vocals by Margot Smith) /
15.Blackrock Anti-Theme (3:45)*
16.Gone For Good (2:14)*

* Tracks created for the Blackrock Soundtrack ("Gone For Good" not used), featuring Tim Powles on drums & Sandi Chick on vocals.

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Written, composed, recorded, produced, mastered and all those other bits too, in a colossal ego trip by Steve Kilbey.

Original cover portrait by Steve Kilbey
Photography & design by Samantha Mayfair
Distributed by 'The Time Being' Records



Steve wrote about this album with track by track commentary in his blog on September 19, 2012. He shared further thoughts on this album on September 23, 2012.

Marketing blurb:

Taking the listener from 1960 - 1995. A must for completists. Steve ties up all the loose ends of his solo career, collaborations, rarities, hard to finds, demos and one offs. Some of this is crystal clear precision and clarity, some of this is not for the fainted hearted - unless you loved your old tape deck, all of it however is guaranteed to please the connoisseur.

CD art comes to you as a 'Green Forestry Sleeve'. Made with 100% Green Forestry Practices Certified board only and using 100% vegetable inks. We here at TTB Headquarters care about what happens to our planet.

There and Back - a 5th Baby Grande demo track, not on this album.

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