Ambience Cover


  1. Movement One (Beginnings) (7:09) - Andrew Thomas Wilson
  2. Ephemeral Lakes (11:03) - Gondwanaland
  3. Orpheus (3:57) - The Umbrellas
  4. Water Drops (4:57) - Not Drowning, Waving
  5. The Cheshire Cat (3:50) - Not Drowning, Waving
  6. Bin Dancing (2:37) - John Elder
  7. Twirly-Birly (1:52) - Michael Atherton
  8. CFD (4:50) - Chris Abrahams
  9. A Sad Little Piano Piece (1:02) - Steve Kilbey
  10. Napoleon's Army, Christmas Eve, Outside Moscow (2:41) - Steve Kilbey



Ambience was a Sunday night radio show on 2JJJ-FM in Sydney hosted by Arnold Frolows. Includes this write-up by Frolows:

Ambience: surrounding, on all sides, relating to mood, atmosphere, environment or milieu. This definition can refer to almost any rhythmic, aural or visual circumstance you may like to choose or find yourself in and it was the unrestricted nature of this word that suggested itself as a title for the four hour 'ambient' programme which I present on the ABC's 2JJJ-FM on Sunday nights. The intention is to offer a body of sound and music which can be utilised as a foreground or background depending on the mood of the listener. Some people use the show to fall asleep to, others for watching TV with the sound off... each to their own. What matters is that the music never deliberately interferes. I hope this album provides you with these options. In late 1984 when Ambience was originally conceived Australian made music of this kind was quite scarce. The situation has changed due in part to the musicians on this compilation.

Arnold Frolows
2JJJ-FM Sydney 1987