Hard Attack Alternative CD Sampler Volume 6 - Fall 1989 Cover


  1. Shouting Street (3:23) - Joe Strummer
  2. Regina (4:06) - Sugarcubes
  3. Any Cure (3:46) - Subdudes
  4. (All I Want Is) Everything (2:59) - Boo & Darden
  5. Kingdom of Rain (5:53) - The The
  6. Fireman (4:46) - Steve Kilbey
  7. Waking Up In The Sun (3:51) - Adult Net
  8. Black Sheep Wall (4:20) - Innocence Mission
  9. Blow Me Up (3:56) - Will And The Bushmen
  10. Body's In Trouble (5:01) - Mary Margaret O'Hara
  11. Welcome To The Real World (4:59) - Jane Child
  12. I Want That Man (3:44) - Debbie Harry
  13. Welcome To America (4:57) - Die Warzau
  14. Last Cigarette (4:56) - Dramarama
  15. Do You Want To Tell Me? (3:35) - The Grapes Of Wrath
  16. Living With The Dreaming Body (3:55) - Poi Dog Pondering
  17. Higher Ground (3:25) - Red Hot Chili Peppers
  18. Hello There (1:46) - Bullet LaVolta



Includes this write-up on Steve:

"Slow Crack" is the title of Steve Kilbey's third solo album, and another delightful effort that's tucked away from the notoriety of his successful band, The Church. Pursuing the sensitive, thoughtful aspects of his poetic craft, once again the bedroom studio serves as the birthplace for the serene music he loves most. "Fireman" soothes and sways listeners into a state of happiness, but it's not without a lasting effect. Kilbey's music has the ability to outshine his fluff-pop contemporaries with slender edge and a signature sound that he's worked long and hard to polish.

KUNV Alternative CD Sampler #6 - Fall '89 - Back Insert

The Hard Attack CD series was produced by The Hard Report, Inc., publishers of a weekly magazine. Radio stations that subscribed to "The Hard Report" magazine could arrange to have copies of the CDs manufactured with custom graphics. This particular CD was customized for stations like KUNV 91FM Community Radio at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas (above) and KCPR 91.3FM at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly at San Luis Obispo), San Luis Obispo, California.