EDEN (2005)

Steve Kilbey - Eden Front Cover

This booklet is a mini-poem-cycle collection of five poems. The cover is a self-portrait created by Steve Kilbey. All copies are signed by Steve. From the back cover:

Steve Kilbey's Eden is an insightful, profound and unique journey through the ethereal land of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. The poems question the fabric of love & fear, temptation & creation and our eternal quest for meaning, as Evie and Adam wrestle with the paradise that awaits them on the verdant lawns of Eden. In trademark Kilbey style, he follows the couple through their highs and lows, unraveling a stunning vision of beauty and excess.


  1. Blessing The Casino
  2. False Positive
  3. Afterwards
  4. Jelly Baby
  5. The Other Tomorrow



The following photo of Steve is on the back of the booklet:

Steve Kilbey Photo