Steve Kilbey and the Hoffmenn with Strings Attached - Live at the Fly By Night Club Cover

Tracks (click a title for details)

  1. Sealine (5:45)
  2. Providence (6:20) (Jack Frost song)
  3. Almost With You (4:34)
  4. The Neverness Hoax (4:44)
  5. Life's Little Luxuries (3:47)
  6. Knowing You Are In This World (3:59) (Steve Kilbey & Martin Kennedy song)
  7. Everyone (3:22) (Steve Kilbey & Martin Kennedy song)
  8. Wolfe (3:08)
  9. Glow Worm (6:37)
  10. An Arrangement (3:24)
  11. Mountain (3:03) (Steve Kilbey & Martin Kennedy song)
  12. Comedown (4:57)
  13. Space Saviour (5:59)


Steve Kilbey - Vocals, Bass
Adrian Hoffmann - Guitar
Shaun Corlson - Guitar
Shaun Hoffmann - Drums
Rachael Aquilina - Violin
Anna Sarcich - Cello

Recorded by Rik Van Der Velde
Mixed by Shaun Hoffmann
Mastered by Satellite Recording Studio, WA
Cover Design by Derek Hall



This was recorded live on July 6, 2013 at the Fly by Night Musicians Club in Fremantle, WA, Australia. The CD was originally exclusively available at Steve Kilbey's November 2013 concerts.

Marketing blurb:

The live recordings CD of Steve Kilbey at the 'Fly By Night' club, Sat 6th July 2013, Fremantle, Western Australia. Backed by Freo music identities Shaun & Adrian Hoffmann, Shaun Corlson, and accompanied by string section Rachael Aquilina & Anna Sarcich. Steve delves into his back catalogue of solo releases, collaborations and Church classics.

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