Steve Kilbey - Miscellanaea - Whisperes in the Static Cover

Miscellanaea consists of bits and pieces collected between 2011 and 2013 - including instrumentals, commissioned songs, submissions, soundtracks, fragments and ambient pieces.

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1.Flummoxed (2:36) * /
2.Surge (1:40)
3.The Weird Sisters (2:55) *
4.A Song For Debby & James (5:51)
5.Persian Garden (4:12) * /
6.Deserted Exstacies (1:44) *
7.Flock (2:04) * /
8.Crooked Mile (3:15) /
9.Elegant Europe (1:37) *
10.Fragments Of A Vase (3:06) *
11.Poison (4:44) (Alice Cooper cover) /
12.Latin Ate Thing (1:27) *
13.Seagirl (2:05) *
14.Carbon Nitrogen And Oxygen (2:20) *
15.A Song For Domenique (4:05)
16.Stately Garden Music (2:05) *
17.Swagger And Stagger (2:00) * /
18.And You'll Leave Laughing (3:02) /
19.The Wild East (5:17) * /
20.Undergrowth (2:51) * /
21.The Panthalassic Sea (4:57) /

* Instrumental tracks
Commissioned songs

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All music and words and everything else by Steve Kilbey
Except 'Poison' (Alice Cooper, Desmond Child and John McCurry)
'Poison' produced and mixed by Aaron Trew for cabaret "Dame of Thrones"
Strings arranged by Aaron Trew

'Song for Debby and James' words by D. Wikel

'The Wild East' written by Frank Kearns and Steve Kilbey
Guitar by Frank Kearns

Art and much more by Sam Mayfair at thetimebeing

Thank you Simon Polinski for the mastering favour, I owe you one!
Thanks to Aaron and Frank for the music.
And as usual a huge applause for John Tehranian, David Rundle and Kip McClanahan for without whom...



This is how Steve introduced this release on his blog on Jan. 22, 2014 (in a now-deleted blog entry titled "music music music"):

meanwhile we have decided to release
miscellanaea whispers in the static
in the course of my day to day life i create many pieces of music
since 2011 when i started on logic
anyway i have got all these bits and pieces
i have 2 commissioned songs for example that i did on my own
i have a version of poison (alice cooper) done with a string quartet
this was done for a cabaret here in Sydney for a game of Thrones
and I have some organic guitar jams with my friend Mark
and I have various ambient and instrumental pieces i have been doing
things for this project or that project
things for soundtracks
things that never came to fruition but deserve to be heard
some things with Frank Kearns sketching out songs
little short grabs
its all here
my musical notebook
the miscellaneous odds and ends from 3 years of work
for aficianados and completists
i gotta get all this music out somehow
if you want it....

Steve again wrote about this album on his blog on Feb. 16, 2014.

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Steve Kilbey - Whispers in the Static Cover

On this reissue 6 tracks with vocals have been removed, and the remaining mostly instrumental tracks rearranged.

Tracks (click a title for details)


Side One:  Side One:
1.Flummoxed (2:36) /
2.Undergrowth (2:50) /
3.The Weird Sisters (2:55)
4.Persian Garden (4:12) /
5.Deserted Exstacies (1:43)
6.Flock (2:04) /
7.Elegant Europe (1:37)
Side Two:  Side Two:
1.Fragments Of A Vase (3:06)
2.Latin Ate Thing (1:27)
3.Seagirl (2:05)
4.Carbon Nitrogen And Oxygen (2:20)
5.Stately Garden Music (2:05)
6.Swagger And Stagger (2:00) /
7.The Wild East (5:17) /
8.Surge (1:40)


All music and words and everything else by Steve Kilbey
Except 'The Wild East' written by Steve Kilbey / Frank Kearns
- where Frank Kearns played guitar.
Recorded between 2011 & 2013.
Cover photos by kind permission of Richard Bruxner, https://blokeh.zenfolio.com/
Project compiled and co-ordinated by Carlton Sandercock.
Re mastered by Anders Peterson at Ghost Sound Media & Post Sweden.
Art and Layout David Graham. Design Carlton & David.
Manufacture Steve Pittis www.enconahead.com

This version (P)2024 Easy Action under exclusive licence from Steve Kilbey
©2024 Easy Action