Peter Koppes - From The Well Cover

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1.In The Wake (4:47) /
2.Her Mark (3:31)
3.Only Wait (4:25) /
4.Horses In The Sand (3:44) /
5.The Lost Peace (4:34)
6.Pyramid Building (She's Leaving) (3:21) (instrumental) /
7.I Wonder (4:57)
8.Lullaby (3:05) /
9.Desert Flower Bride (4:32)
10.Nursery Fugue (1:30)
11.Testing 3.2.1. (3:24)
12.Aural Garden (0:46) (instrumental) /
13.Anthem (2:23) /

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Lead Vocals: Peter Koppes and Melodie
Bass Guitar: Melvin Stewart
Dulcimer: Lindsay Buckland
Piano: David Moor
Vocals: Susan Turner, Jane Cox, Michael Hamer, Melvin Stewart, Bulle-Neige and Little O
Drum Programming Assistance: Johannes Rombouts, Michael Hamer
Other Instruments and Programming: Peter Koppes

Produced by Peter Koppes
All songs written by Peter Koppes
   except "Nursery Fugue" written by Peter Koppes & Russel Grigg
Recorded at La Maison & Trackdown
Engineered by Peter Koppes, Simon Leadley, Kirke Godfrey and Tim Ryan
Mixed at Trackdown by Simon Leadley & Peter Koppes
Direction: Michael J. Lembo/Jill Christiansen, Mike's Artist Management, New York
Cover and Sleeve Photography by Ilona Angel
Cover Design by Peter Koppes, Ilona Angel and Iain Martin
Art Direction by Gail Force Marowitz


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A promotional cassette was released by TVT Records:

Peter Koppes - From The Well TVT Promo Cassette Photo


Side A

  1. In The Wake - Peter Koppes
  2. The Lost Peace - Peter Koppes

Side B

  1. Each Life A Mystery - We Are Going To Eat You
  2. Photograph - We Are Going To Eat You


There was also a promo CD single of The Lost Peace:

Peter Koppes - The Lost Peace Disc


  1. The Lost Peace