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1.Spaceman (5:18)
2.Canman (4:07)  
3.Three (4:54)  
4.Fish (4:04)
5.Impossible (5:16)
6.Comet (5:58)  
7.Super (3:57)
8.Suffer (4:19)
9.Departed (4:52)
10.Buddhist (5:17)  
11.Fridge (2:54) [Hidden Track]  

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tyg is
tim powles: vocal, drumkit, bass, guitar, loops, synth and treatments
chris campbell: guitar and computer

produced, mixed and recorded by th' spaceman
assisted by jester C.
mastered by willie B.
radiotronics courtesy of willie B
intergalactic guitar on track 6 by julien klettenberg
some singing on track 4 by elia bel
more singing on tracks 10 and fridge by john kilbey



From the liner notes:

"This album began life on a Yamaha 8 track cassette machine in various bedrooms and living areas of a house in Putney and was subsequently embellished at Karmic Hit Studios then mixed at Charing Cross and Glebe Studios, with the occasional evening at Damien Gerards and overdubs at Jane's grandmothers house, Balmain. Completed and mastered with Willie B. (Bowden) at Festival Records."

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