Marty Willson-Piper - Spirit Level Cover

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1.I Can't Cry (4:04)
2.Will I Start To Bleed (3:44) /
3.Turn Away To the Stars (2:49)
4.Luscious Ghost (5:06)
5.Scandinavian Stare (6:18)
6.Can't Ever Risk An Openess With You * (4:02) /
7.Even Though You Are My Friend (6:02)
8.Adelle Yvonne (3:55)
9.The Saddest House In Stockholm (2:51) /
10.Kiss You To Death (4:10)
11.Melts My Heart (6:42)

     * The word "openness" is misspelled on all releases (even in printed lyrics).

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Individual Track Credits

Produced by Marty Willson-Piper and Andy Dare Mason.
Recorded by Andy Dare Mason at Dream Machine Studio, Stockholm, Sweden.
Mixed by Andy Dare Mason at Joe's Garage studios, Battersea, London.
All the words by MWP
All the music by MWP except Luscious Ghost and Adelle Yvonne by MWP and ADM
Cover Concept by MWP
All Photography by Håkan Lindell
Layout by Lena Carlberger at Magazine



A specially labeled spirit level (the tool used to check if things are level) was issued to promote the album. Photo

Inside the CD trayliner is reproduced a pair of pages from the 1957 essay Reflections on the Guillotine by French Algerian philosopher, author and journalist Albert Camus (as it appeared in his posthumous collection of essays Resistance, Rebellion, and Death).

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