Double Exposure

S. Kilbey

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Lyrics (unofficial)

[rev. Sept. 8, 2013]

You show me all the many things that you promised
But not many did I need to see
You filled my head with your elusive premise
And your immensity
You took me places, introduced me to people
None had a love in tow
You sang and you rang and you burst and you stand
Until I was unstrung

(Ahh) Oh, it was the usual circus (ahh) burning like rain
(Ahh) Oh, it was an awful mistake, let's make it again

You gave me a list of all the things I had missed
Nothing on it that I never tried
You got in the pulpit and unleashed your gambit
Which left me dazzled, ??? [1:38] and fried
You thanked me profusely for falling so loosely
You said nothing like a small, wee drop
You entered my bloodstream and ate up my daydreams
And filed me under rock and pop

(Ahh) Oh it was all such a shambles (ahh) dripping like fire
(Ahh) Oh it was a moment of truth surrounded by lies

You trumped up a charge which loomed up real large
And barged down the door when they charged me some more
You jumbled the code and gambled the load
Then you followed the road to the shore
You sold me a ticket, I just couldn't hack it
There's no place really that I've ever been
You looped and surveyed with the money I paid
Going on red, stopping on green

(Ahh) Oh it was a lovely fiasco (ahh) boiling like ice
(Ahh) Oh it was a double exposure so don't think twice

(Oh it was a double exposure) (a double exposure)