Andalusian Dogs

Steve Kilbey, Jeffrey Cain

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Lyrics (unofficial)

Sometimes I think you're lost and alone
Coming down hard in the demilitarized zone
Shaking off the dust and blowing a bone
You put it all behind you

Sometimes I think I'm just an aspect of you
And my hands are bound by love so true
Truly got to marvel at the hoops I jump through
All this to just find you

Put this all behind you
All this just to find you

Sometimes they think I'm gonna leave it alone
But then I'm back in the loop with a grin and a groan
The furrow is plowed and the seed it is sown
You'd think I'd be immune now

Sometimes I think that's it's over and out
Then the music starts up and the actors all shout
Acting like fools and falling about
The end it must come soon now

Thought I'd be immune now
End it must come soon now

(What) What is my line?
(What) What is my angle?
What is my sign?

(What) What is my cut?
(What) What is my motive?
What if? Why not? Why not? Why not?

Sometimes you think that I'm facing defeat
And you take me down with the rest of the fleet
Sometimes you think I'm easy to beat