Steve Kilbey, Jeffrey Cain

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Lyrics (unofficial)

[rev. May 31, 2004]

You gotta register it so full on
You need the minimum drift
You saw the end, you saw the horizon
You couldn't squander your gifts
You heard the word that remains unheard
You dreamt up knuckle dust
You in the moment before it occurred
Where's your trust

I'm up for the stranger scene
I'm down with the dusk
I'm honestly me

You gotta realize it's all out of control
You got the Wellington boots
You went to Gloucester and fell into a hole
You never wonder who shoots
You dressed in evening as black as coal
That's so cute

Time up for the stronger stuff
Time down for use
Flame on for famous frame
I'm honestly me

You're getting ghosting on your fractured screen
You'll think of something when I'm gone
You'll think about me as you say my name
You'll introduce me for a song
You'll never notice where the morning went
You'll never stand outside the door
You'll never see me with your antenna bent
That's for sure