Just Dust

Steve Kilbey, Jeffrey Cain

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Lyrics (unofficial)

Baby smear yourself in xylocaine
Meanwhile in the corner my familiar actin' strange
Some things child are never gonna change
Say now home, home, home on the range

Who's in charge here woman do you take rubber checks
In Xanadu when my pleasure dome erects
By the sacred river Alph where my ??? [0:35]
By the mouth of Zeus and the zebras necks

I'm a lion in a cage and I'm clawin' on your bone
I'm together with you now but I'm not alone
I said I'll take you down slow to the undead zone

I really wanna find my Rosetta Stone
I really wanna touch you honey I'm so unclean
I really wanna be there in the inbetween
I really wanna coat you in my satin sheen

I really wanna manifest my black machine
I got a little ??? [1:20] but I feel pretty smug
I'm trying to get rid of the 2000 bug
I'm trying everything just to get a hug

I really need to take my very last drug
I said Is-is-is Isidore
I said that Is-is-is Isidore
I said now Is-is-is Isidore
I said Is-is-is-is Isidore
I said Is-is Isidore
I said now (yeah) Is-is Isidore
(Is Isidore)
(Is Isidore)

I want you and you want me yeah
Come on down out in the sea and
It is cold around my waist and
Touch my side just feel my taste and
Pull in soft it gone too hard and
Beat meat eat that take this card and
Stop and stop and come and pull and
Crack out girl I need to show you and
Day has burned my heart dark place and
Slammed me down onto your face and
Good and bad and should we dream and
Don't try now if you can't scream
Isidore is that four more and
Isidore smack on your floor and
Isidore that open door and