Steve Kilbey, Jeffrey Cain

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Lyrics (unofficial)

[rev. June 13, 2004]

Down in the forest where the thorns bite hard
There's a house on legs in an overgrown yard
If you really want to get in there you're gonna have to bleed
But the hag is waiting for you, she's got everything you need

In the dismal dim light of some afternoon
You go running down the corridors and fade into the gloom
Where the pale moon is folded along the black lake
And the belladonna blooms and the cold, blind snake

One open, one closed
One garden to the wild
One no one even knows
The show's at midnight

Well you made a sacrifice and you were granted a wish
And you summoned up the spirits and you ripped off the rich
But down in the forest where the time drips like honey
You can't buy release with any of your money

Like an overheard horror, like a groan of despair
Like the messenger of doom or a dancing bear
Like the long dead memory if memories were faint
Like the furies unleashed in your speechless paint

Like the white hot moon and the kiss of the toad
Like the naked wraith and the monster she rode
Well your wife is waiting for you in the still and decay
So you better go to her before you're dragged away

One living, one not
One frightening always slight
When everything is gone
We close the midnight
We close the midnight

One truthful, one false
One million things crammed tight
One lovely little dose
For those at midnight
The show's at midnight
For those at midnight
We close the midnight
We close the mid- mid- mid- midnight