Steve Kilbey, Jeffrey Cain

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Lyrics (unofficial)

[rev. Apr. 17, 2015]

We've been searching
Out in places never seen
Yeah, we've been looking
Looking like a change of scene

My little special
Total extravaganza
Like a summer night
Or Austin Lancer
And when she rides
I know I'll never make it alone again

We've been drifting
Thousand miles over our heads
We were drowning
Down in river mouths and beds

My little special
My little creature
She's so far gone
How can I reach her?
And then she flies
I know I'll never get her alone again

Baby star
A tiny light
Translucent beam
So pure and white

My little special
In all her splendor
Like an avalanche
Or pawn shop Fender
And then she plays
I know I'll never send her alone again

My little special
The faith that's in ya
Relive your childhood
Down in Virginia
And when she hides
I know I'll never find her alone again
Never alone again
Never alone again now